Take a deep breath, let your thoughts go. Unwind. Using an old binocular and journal you set out to spot the surrounding wildlife, discovering the local species and secrets hidden around the hills, rivers, and lakes. Through listening, observation, stealth, and timing, the player strives to collect all species and their behaviours. Collect feathers, find nests and eggs. Endure the weather and uncover the hidden secrets of a Norway inspired scenery.

Birdspotting’s low-res art style, relaxing music, and lush vistas invite to explore and meditate.

The player explores a lush beautiful valley, full of places to discover and stories to unravel.
Explore the wide-open environment in search of abandoned sheds and ruins. Look closely. You might just find a nest full of eggs, beautiful feathers, and an abundance of different bird species.

Walk slowly, stop for a minute, listen! Each bird has its own song. Get familiar with their songs to make searching and spotting easier.

Brush of the dust, clean the lenses and discover the valley of birds using your trusty binoculars. Take cover and move slowly to get close enough to spot new species and behaviours.

Open up the stained pages of your journal and record your findings, collect the most beautiful feathers and bird calls. Look carefully some answers may hided within the pages of this opus of birds.

Look around, look up, look down. Some nests might just contain eggs to collect. Just make sure you don’t make any mama goose angry.